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If you’re looking for expert web help where it counts, you’re in the right place. I’ve been working in WordPress since 2008, creating custom WP sites to help businesses grow online. I’m now offering website & marketing coaching via Zoom and in-person, so you can get the support you need – live and in real-time. I also accept a limited number of custom-code projects per year.

You can have a website that works. I’m here to show you how.

Getting help for your website can be hard. It shouldn’t be.

I’m Kate M. Gilbert, founder & Code Captain of WPMaster.me. I’m a front-end developer who has spent the past 10+ years building and supporting WordPress websites for hundreds of businesses, individuals and non-profits, large and small.

I know that as a website owner, you want your voice to be heard, and your vision to come across In your website. Most importantly, you want the time you put into crafting and communicating that vision to be well-spent. You need your website to bring the right customers to your business.

I hear you. Let’s chat.

Do you want your website to bring the right customers to your business?

Connecting with your audience in today's virtual-first environment depends on having a website that works. If your website doesn't make it easy to get from A to Z when it comes to working with you, you risk losing business.

Your website is many customer's first interaction with your business. Let's make it count.


Would you rather DIY but need help?
Our programs provide support for DIY site owners.

Launch It Live! Mastermind

The only small-group solution for getting expert web development services in the company of like-minded independent business owners.

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The Launch It Live! Mastermind guides you in creating a custom landing page to put one single ask or offer out there in front of your audience. You'll meet weekly with a small cohort of like-minded independent business owners and learn together how to set up and launch a sales page that converts. Learn more >

Custom Code Service

WordPress wizard & front-end developer Kate M. Gilbert provides limited custom coding by appointment only. If you have a WP task list, consider passing it to Kate.

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You need help with your WordPress website, and more than just an hour or two. You have a whole list of enhancements that need to be made, and you don't necessarily want to sit on Zoom while I make them all for you in real time. Maybe you need extensive changes but not enough to hire out a new site. I offer custom code packs in 5-hour and 10-hour increments. Click here to get booking!

Monetize Your Videos Mastermind

Got video content? Then you've got marketing gold! Learn how to put your videos to work and start a membership program on your own site.

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Our newest small group mastermind is aimed at helping you create a membership portal to manage access to your videos. Learn how to put your videos to work for your business. Get the details now >

Hourly Support & Smaller Sites

Need help making smaller changes to your site? WPMaster.me is not able to offer hourly support or smaller site projects. Contact our friends at Virtually Focused Media instead. 

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Virtually Focused Media is a full-service virtual support agency run by Kelly Murphy and Melissa Burgio. Together, they bring their social media and virtual assistant genius to clients on a project-based and monthly retainer basis. If you need smaller support on your existing site, reach out to Kelly & Melissa today

Are you creating video content?

learn to monetize them

  • You'll be paired with 2-3 other like minded site owners to meet weekly and work together on your site
  • I'll show you how to create custom thumbnails, add music and end screens
  • You'll learn how to properly post your videos to your site via YouTube
  • Lastly, we'll create a membership system for you to sell access to your videos!

Coming back with new sessions September 2020!

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