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Your WordPress Guide

If you’ve got a WordPress problem you can’t solve, you’re in the right place. I’ve been working in WordPress since 2008, creating custom WP sites to help businesses grow online. I’m now offering WordPress live help via Zoom training sessions, so you can get the support you need – live and in real-time.

You can have a WordPress website that works. I’m here to show you how.

Do you want live WordPress help from someone who gets it?

Now Offering Live Help via Zoom  

We use video chat for everything else, so why not web help? I’m inviting WordPress site owners with specific problems and questions to book hour-long Zoom meetings where we’ll troubleshoot your site together and find a solution in real-time.

Getting help for your WordPress website can be hard. It shouldn’t be.

I’m a front-end developer who has spent a decade-plus in a man’s world: IT. Thankfully, I kept my compassionate touch. I know that as a small business owner, the last thing you want is for your marketing message to be man-splained to you. You want your vision to be heard, and most importantly, you want the time you put into crafting and communicating that vision to be well-spent. I hear you. Let’s chat.

We’ll talk through your toughest website issues together.

Changing Colors & Fonts

Installing Themes & Templates

Tracking with Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Edits to your Content and Copy

Updating Plugins & Plugin Review

Mobile Responsiveness Fixes

Email Marketing Integration

What does a Zoom training look like?

working together 

  • You can see my face and I can see yours (provided you have a camera)
  • Video is optional but it really helps!
  • All calls recorded – you get the video link to keep and review again
  • Text transcripts and accompanying how-to guides are available for an additional charge

Book a Live WordPress Support Session

Let Me Show You How It’s Done

If one-on-one Office Hours aren’t the right fit for you or your website, check out my YouTube Channel, where I’m constantly posting new videos and snippets to help you with your WordPress website.