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Be ready to express your creative side and watch somebody do all the coding for you. It’s like telling somebody how to paint a picture without actually having to touch the canvas.

Greta Bajrami

Founder & CEO, Golden Group Roofing

Want to make more money from your website – with less effort?

You’re here because you need help with a website, right? That’s my specialty! I’m a front-end developer who has spent the past 12+ years building and supporting WordPress websites for hundreds of businesses, individuals and non-profits, large and small. Today I help connect site owners with the solutions they need to succeed.

As a website owner, you want your voice to be heard, and your vision to come across In your site. You need your website to bring the right customers to your business. I can help you build a web strategy that works and helps you grow.

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Join us in the Women's Site Support Community for expert advice and support online to craft the best online presence for bring your business the right revenue generating leads today.


Refine and grow your lead generating machine alongside like-minded small business owners


WordPress guides, tutorials, and how-to docs to support the DIY site owner in site success


A private Facebook group for mid-day web Q&A and discussions around making money online


Guest experts that bring genius in areas like SEO, content and copywriting, social media and more

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Get a custom site built just for your brand

WordPress expert Kate M. Gilbert is available for a very limited number of custom development projects per year. Click the button below to learn what makes a site custom.


The feel of an in-house marketing team without the ongoing expense that an employee brings


We help plan, source, strategize and manage your project from kickoff to launch and beyond


Rent our expertise to get a custom website that speaks directly to your ideal customers


Nail your market with planning: User Journey Mapping and A/B testing are part of the process

Got Questions? Start with a Web Strategy Consult Call

Not sure what you should do with your website? I can guide you in the right direction with a little information. Click the button below to learn more about meeting 1-on-1 with Kate, including topics we cover and all costs and scheduling options.

Let’s work together to get your site in shape

Kate knows the web & knows how to craft websites that speak for YOUR business.

Founder & Code Captain Kate M. Gilbert has been building & supporting WordPress websites since 2006 – basically since WP began. She’s launched hundreds of websites all over the globe, and along the way, she’s become an expert at how to get it done fast, and right.

From her home base in Jupiter, FL, Kate directs the team in making your web vision a reality. She’s passionate about sharing her web knowledge through writing, speaking, podcasts and consultations, and always loves to talk shop.

If you’re ready to take control of the Internet and turn your website into a lead-generating machine, is the solution. We bring experience, expertise, and most importantly, the time and attention it takes to turn your dreams into reality. 

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Check off the easiest, no-nonsense fixes that have the biggest impact on your site's search visibility.


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I call out those can't-miss things like social share previews, mobile responsiveness settings, and other best practices.