Your website is like a houseplant.

It needs attention and care, it wants sunlight and water and even to be sung to. I’m serious, sort of…

The first time I said this in a pre-launch discussion, while doling out important advice about the need to keep up with plugin updates and other regular maintenance, my client laughed. And I realized, that’s a great analogy. A website really is like a house plant.

Just like a house plant, a website thrives best with watchful care and attention. An abandoned site will wilt and stagnate; one that is lovingly cared for will flourish and shine.

Your website, no matter what platform it’s on, needs regular care and attention. Just like you’d water a plant regularly, it’s vital to regularly log in to your website and make some changes. Add a blog post, tweak the call to action on your homepage to try a different tact, spruce up your imagery. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you do something to show the search bots there’s a person behind the curtain.

Check out this handy infographic, Your Website Care Guide, for an at-home how-to guide for website care. And be sure to share with friends and followers who would benefit, too!

Website Care Guide | Kate M. Gilbert


Get your print-friendly version here:

website care guide

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