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Welcome to Kate M. Gilbert Web Support, a boutique WordPress support shop staffed by just one talented WordPress developer: Kate M. Gilbert.

Big news: We relocated to my home state of New Jersey in June, meaning my Massachusetts days are behind me now. Caden and Lilah and 8 and 5 and we’ve settled in downtown Jersey City, a vibrant and diverse urban community just a hop, skip and jump from lower Manhattan. We’re closer to family and couldn’t be happier!

Moving from MA to NJ is more than a shift in zip code for our family. It’s also a huge career and lifestyle shift for all of us. We’re opening a franchise kids’ after school enrichment center, Code Wiz Jersey City, that will host coding and robotics classes, camps, and parties for school-age kids. Evan has amped up his code skills and hired a talented team of code and robotics coaches, and together they’ll lead fun activities around learning code and teaching tech. The whole family is pitching in to get the storefront ready for a grand opening in late September.

Here’s what I’m up to now

As for me? I’m still writing code and building websites, but I’m making much more time for speaking and teaching, so that I can share my skills with larger groups and empower more people to feel in control of their online presence.

I’m working to develop adult education curriculum to complement Code Wiz’s kid-focused courses and offer something to the parents and adults in our community. WPMaster.me is aimed at local business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to put a personal voice into their website by doing more of it themselves.

I’m no longer building websites for others, save for the rare passion project. I’m focused instead on done-with-you web support, showing you directly how to achieve what they desire and envision, the simple way. Because I believe all of us can have websites we love, without the hassle and high cost of digital agencies, designers and developers. And I want to show you how.

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