Learn How to Use Zoom

Are you looking to learn Zoom for connecting with clients, customers and collaborators?  Then you’ve found the right spot!

I’ve been using Zoom on a daily basis and I’ve become a Zoom pro. On this page, I’ve gathered all the most helpful resources, videos, tutorials and info, all geared at helping you learn Zoom – and fast!

Device Requirements for Using Zoom

What are the device requirements for using Zoom to teach online? Do you need a Mac or a PC, and what about a cell phone? WPMaster.me has all the device requirements you need in one place, ready to support your online teaching with ease.

Recommended Software for Teaching Online

The most widely used software available today for video conferencing and online teaching is Zoom. It's easy and free to use, and allows for all the capabilities you need to effectively teach online. Read on for simple tips on how to use Zoom to teach online. Reasons Why We Love Zoom for Teaching...

If you’re local to Code Wiz JC, we still have a limited number of Zoom-ready laptops to lend out to local people for $50 per week.

Contact jerseycity@thecodewiz.com for all local inquiries.

Want Live Zoom Teacher Training?

Kate M. Gilbert, web expert and experienced online instructor, is available to teach your teachers how to teach courses online. Kate is located in Jersey City, NJ, and is available for on-site trainings in the tri-state area, or video trainings for schools worldwide.

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Launching your own site? Do it right

You've put a lot of time into setting up your own website or sales page. Make sure it does what you need it to do by launching it right.

My Pre-Launch Checklist will walk you through all the checks and best practices to make sure you have in place before you launch your new site or page. You don't want to miss some of these steps - you'd be leaving money on the table!