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Install Divi Layouts from your WordPress dashboard

The best part about the Divi theme by is the vast layout library and the ease with which you can install a pre-built layout right into your dashboard. I've worked with a lot of themes over the years (and I mean, A LOT), and Divi is the only one I've...

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Your Website Care Guide

Check out this handy infographic, Your Website Care Guide, for an at-home how-to guide for website care. Because your website, no matter what platform it’s on, needs regular care and attention.

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Why I host with WPEngine

WPEngine is my preferred web host for not just my own websites but for the sites I build for clients, too. But why? Because WPEngine just works. And sites hosted on its platform load faster, rank higher in Google, and outperform their competition. The choice is easy, host with WPEngine to give your site the best.

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Web Support Done Right

How I work Since 2006 or so, I've been building and supporting WordPress websites. I've built and launched more than 100 WordPress sites in the past decade, for clients and collaborations as varied as you can imagine. But I'm no longer building websites from scratch...

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Create sites that hear the visitor

A client emailed me recently with a link to a site that she really admired. It wasn’t the content, images, or even layout she liked - the business was in a totally different industry - but the tone. “It’s very approachable,” she told me. “How can we build something...

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A big career and lifestyle shift

Welcome to Kate M. Gilbert Web Support, where I’m now offering one-one-one Office Hours to give you hands-on help with your WordPress website. This post details my new offerings, and new lifestyle, in Jersey City, NJ.

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