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How to launch a WordPress site

So you're ready to launch your WordPress site? If you're happy with how it looks and ready for the rest of the world to see, then it's time to go live with that new website! It sounds intimidating and complicated but it's really not. I'll break it down piece by piece...

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How to add a news brief widget in WordPress

Need to post notices and news on your homepage to make certain items readily accessible? A text widget in your sidebar is a perfect way to add News Briefs to your homepage. Adding links to the news briefs also lets your readers click to read more. This video explains...

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Go virtual with your business using Zoom

Can we talk about Zoom for a sec? Anyone else got Zoom overwhelm? I know I do! Right now there's a whole lot of uncertainty among independent business owners, especially those of us who are used to providing services off-line and meeting with people in-person.  Maybe...

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How to Communicate Changed Services

Is your business closed and on quarantine due to COVID-19? As small business owners, we've all had to make rapid changes to how we serve our clients and customers. Many of us are taking it online, offering virtual services, to keep our tribes engaged, active, and...

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Online Course Training for Teachers

Are you looking for training for teachers to learn how to teach online? Looking for a resource to help your staff get comfortable with online teaching tools like Zoom and Google Classroom? We can help! Founder Kate M. Gilbert has 12+ years experience...

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Recommended Software for Teaching Online

The most widely used software available today for video conferencing and online teaching is Zoom. It's easy and free to use, and allows for all the capabilities you need to effectively teach online. Read on for simple tips on how to use Zoom to teach online. Reasons...

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Device Requirements for Using Zoom

What are the device requirements for using Zoom to teach online? Do you need a Mac or a PC, and what about a cell phone? has all the device requirements you need in one place, ready to support your online teaching with ease.

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Meet the Founder: WordPress Expert Kate Gilbert founder Kate Gilbert has been building and supporting websites since 2006 and knows the web inside-out. Kate is based in Jersey City, NJ and is passionate about making the web more accessible to emerging entrepreneurs - especially women and kids, who she...

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