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Divi layouts

Divi Layouts - How to implement them the new way

The Divi layouts that come with the Divi theme by ElegantThemes is magical for many reasons, but chiefly because it allows you to insert pre-built layouts directly into your site - images and all - with the click of a button.
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How To Write a Killer About Us Page

Are you wondering how to write a killer about us page? One that gives everything and anything a customer, potential customer or partnering business might want to know about you. This article is designed to get you thinking about who you are, why you started your business and what your business is. Put your thinking cap on, sit in the best location for to get some serious work done and let’s do this.
find your target customer

How To Identify and Find Your Target Audience

Do you know who your target customer is and how to find them? If you don’t, that’s ok! This article will help you identify your target customer, define your meta tags, keywords and Yoast SEO plugin! If you already know your target customer, we highly recommend you go through this exercise, it never hurts to refresh.
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Why WordPress Is The Choice of Millions

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WordPress, launched in 2003, is a dynamic open-source content management system, used to power millions of websites, web applications, and blogs. Its popularity is due to its usability and scalability. You don’t have to be versed in code or graphic design in order to launch and maintain your own site, making it a reliable platform for even the least experienced website owners. And for developers, it offers a solid foundation that can be custom configured to address any business challenge.
DIY Website Program

Five Ways To Make A Website Better [Freebie!]

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Are you looking for ways to make a website better but don't know where to start?   At WPSS, we clarify the code to help you make your website shine. And we're passionate about your helping your business do more online. That's…
pick the best plugins

How to pick the best plugins for your WordPress site

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Not all WP plugins are healthy for your WordPress site, and too many "junky" plugins can really slow things down (beware the yucky WP plugin bloat). It's important to pick your WP plugins wisely, because some can really hurt your site. They're snippets of code authored by strangers, after all. The open source community that created and grew WordPress is largely wonderful, but it does require a roadmap.
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The Magic of Long Tail Keywords

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Long tail keywords are a group of words – usually three to four – that form a search phrase and are much more specific than just a word or two. Using long tail keywords does bring you less traffic BUT the traffic that they do bring to your door are users who are looking for exactly what you offered and thus are that much more likely to engage with you.
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Check Out Nexternal As a Terrific Ecommerce Solution!

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If you need to sell products on your site, check out the Nexternal eCommerce platform. Wield.io has built a WP theme that brings Nexternal to WordPress with ease.
php upgrades

Upgrading to PHP 7.2 - Why it's vital for your WordPress website

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If you've been working in  your WordPress dashboard recently (and I know you all have been), you might have seen red alerts and notices about upgrading to PHP 7.2 by the end of 2018. Upgrade, schmupgrade, amiright? Nope, not this time. Upgrading to PHP 7.2 is a must-do. Read on for why.
Gutenberg Editor

Understanding The Wordpress Gutenberg Changes

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No, we’re not talking about centuries-old printing presses. Gutenberg, the new WordPress page editing format, is coming, and it promises to live up to its name. It's different than TinyMCE, the WP editor we're all used to. We break down the differences, read about it here.
WordPress 5.0

The Gutenberg Wordpress Connection in WP 5.0

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WordPress 5.0 will change the way we update support websites, but with a lot more creative possibilities. More than just a milestone release, Gutenberg (the name of the new 5.0 version of WordPress) represents major multiple shifts, rather than just updates.