Ready to go live with your new website?

Make your launch matter by checking through my FREE printable Pre-Launch Checklist first. These must-do items are easy to implement and have a huge impact on your new site’s success.

You only get one launch

Make it count.

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort setting up your new website or landing page and you’re ready to put it live so it can start generating leads to your business.

Make sure it’s set up to send leads your way by checking the items on my Pre-Launch Checklist first!


Do you have the right services set up for your site?

Learn to filter through the noise and focus on what counts.


Are you optimized for search engines with SEO?

Check off the easiest, no-nonsense fixes that have the biggest impact on your site’s search visibility.


Will your site look good on social and mobile?

I call out those can’t-miss things like social share previews, mobile responsiveness settings, and other best practices.

Set it up correctly

Launch it right.

Created from the lessons I learned in 10+ years of successful site launches

I’m a front-end developer who has spent a decade-plus in IT, building and launching hundreds of WordPress websites and other online marketing tools. I know that as a website owner, you want your vision to be heard, and most importantly, you want the time you put into crafting and communicating that vision to be well-spent. I hear you.

That’s why I created this checklist – because I want you to launch the right way.

Kate M. Gilbert