group website mastermind

Launch It Live!

Launch it Live is’s website mastermind program where you get to finally launch your landing page, within the safe space of a group mastermind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Website Mastermind”, anyway? If you’ve watched the video above and you still have questions, get them answered below in the FAQs. Have a query we don’t address? Email us here

Is this program for WordPress or Squarespace sites?

Both! We teach the same lessons in both WordPress and Squarespace, using similar principles to craft a landing page that converts your site visitors and gets them to take that next step. You choose the platform – our instruction works in either WordPress or Squarespace and is transferrable to other platforms as well.

What can I expect to launch in month 1?

In month 1, all enrollees launch a single landing page with one clear call-to-action. This might be the homepage for your business, or it might be a page dedicated to a specific service or offering. Either way, it will focus on one clear call-to-action that users can take.

But doesn't my site need more than one page?

Nope! I’ll show you how to set up a single page site that has all the information your site visitors need to take the next step with you. We’ll use anchor links to jump to sections on your site for About, Services, Contact, etc., and all your SEO juice will be behind one page instead of multiple. The best part – you can always add on later, once your new landing page starts working for you!

What if my schedule changes and I have to miss a meeting?

Our weekly instruction calls are always recorded and stored in your mastermind’s private group area. You are welcome to review the session live at your leisure and follow along in the week’s instruction. Friday Office Hour blocks are also a great time to catch up on missed work!

Launching your own site? Do it right

You've put a lot of time into setting up your own website or sales page. Make sure it does what you need it to do by launching it right.

My Pre-Launch Checklist will walk you through all the checks and best practices to make sure you have in place before you launch your new site or page. You don't want to miss some of these steps - you'd be leaving money on the table!