How I work

Since 2006 or so, I’ve been building and supporting WordPress websites. I’ve built and launched more than 100 WordPress sites in the past decade, for clients and collaborations as varied as you can imagine.

But I’m no longer building websites from scratch for clients. I’m not offering ongoing hosting and management, either. In fact, I’m moving past done-for-you web development, towards a new model.

I want to help you build your own website

I’m no longer building websites for others, save for the rare passion project. I’m focused instead on done-with-you web support, showing you directly how to achieve what you desire and envision, online, the simple way. Eye to eye.

Because I believe all of us can have websites we love, without the hassle and high cost of digital agencies, designers and developers. And I want to show you how.


Want to know if Office Hours is right for you?

Office Hours help is right for you if you already have a WordPress site, or a hosting account and a plan to set up WordPress, and desire to do it yourself but need someone to lean on. I’ve been building and supporting WordPress sites for 12+ years and I know the platform inside out. Tap into my expertise to set your site straight the right away. And know how to do it next time!

I’m offering free support, too. And referrals.

If you’re not ready to book an hour on my calendar, that’s okay, you can still benefit from my help and guidance on your WordPress site. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to catch tips, tutorials, videos and more tailored at the WordPress site owner. And if you’re looking for a done-for-you developer, check out my recommended referrals list right here > [coming soon]

Need help with your site right now?