Is Your Website Ready to Grow Up?

Using the Best Website Software to Generate Business

Every small business and organization starts off with a small and inexpensive website – I did too!  Using the best website software wasn’t important to me. I had a small budget and I needed an online presence fast. But as I grew my business and perfected my brand, I knew it was time for my website to grow up.  

Not only did I need a professional looking website, I also needed it to attract leads and generate business for me. It was time to upgrade to WordPress.

Sure, subscription-based services like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly can all be decent options when you are just starting out. But what happens when you outgrow it, and really need your website to bring in sales and facilitate transactions? Let’s look at why WordPress will ultimately help your business generate more revenue.

Site owners get the most freedom and flexibility with WordPress

Because WordPress is free open source software, it’s a budget-friendly option without tying yourself down to a specific subscriber. Unfortunately, when you build your site with subscription-based services, you are stuck with that specific provider and all of their limitations. 

Once you switch to WordPress, you’ll find unlimited options, including platforms for e-commerce shops, membership websites, selling online courses, and continual engaging content such as blogs. As your business changes, so can your website.

WordPress is considered one of the best website builders for SEO.

How can you have any customers if they don’t know you’re there? Traffic to your website is vital to generating qualified leads for your business, and that’s where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. If prospects are searching your products and services, you’ll want to be on one of the top search results in order to get found.

While there are many factors that go into your SEO ranking, many consider the WordPress builder to be one of the best website options to improve your website’s SEO ranking. Because WordPress is customizable and flexible, you’ll be able to use popular and effective SEO plugins.

Keep your readers engaged with faster website speed.

In general, WordPress sites speeds tend to be faster than the subscription-based site services. Which not only helps your SEO ranking, but is more likely to keep impatient prospects from clicking away if the site loads too slowly.

Starting a Membership Group or Subscription Service? You’ll need WordPress.

Membership groups and subscription services are smart ways to generate recurring revenue and diversify your income stream. Oftentimes, my clients have innovative ideas and services, but get bogged down in trying to figure out how to implement these services on their website.

I’ve done all the research and let me save you some time – WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform around.  

However, WooCommerce only works on WordPress sites.  The subscription-bases site builders usually cannot support more complex platforms like WooCommerce. Yet another reason to get your site switched over to WordPress – you’ll have complete flexibility to use the easiest and industry leading platforms.

WordPress isn’t complicated – it’s actually easy to maintain.

Some of my clients were initially intimidated by WordPress. “Powerful software” makes it sound so technical!  But don’t worry. With the right WordPress themes and the right support, WordPress sites are actually easy to maintain and grow as your business grows. Check out my private WordPress support group that walks you through everything.

There’s a reason that WordPress is the most widely used self-hosted site builder out there.

Not only is WordPress powerful and flexible for small business, some of the largest companies use it too! If you’ve ever visited TechCrunch, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, The Walt Disney Company… hey, even Beyonce is using WordPress. In fact, WordPress powers over 75 million websites around the globe. Time to get onboard!

Want a better website?

Are you ready to have a sleek, on-brand, professional looking website without all the hassle?

I get it because I am also a business owner who needed an excellent site that serves my clients. And I also didn’t want to spend any more time than I had to on creating my website – I’d rather be spending time on my client work!

If your business has grown up, it’s time for your website to grow up too. As my gift to the small business community, I’m running a limited-time special one site at an incredibly discounted rate of $799. But hurry – this is only for the first 4 signups until November 1, 2020. Book now and let’s get your website working for you!

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